Top 5 UPI Payment App in India

Top UPI payment app in India that you can try
If you are looking for a good UPI app, here’s a list of options you can choose from.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India mission now seems to be a success. During the year 2020, the maximum number of digital transactions took place in the country and in this case, India has also surpassed the US-China.

There have been at least 25.5 billion digital transactions in India in the past year. China is followed by 15.7 billion transactions. Similarly, there have been 6 billion transactions in South Korea, 5.2 billion in Thailand, 2.8 billion in Britain.

However, there are many UPI payment apps available and sometimes, it becomes a tough decision to choose one considering their user experience as well as security. If you are looking for a good UPI app, here’s a list of options you can choose from.

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Here is the list of top 5 UPI payment apps in india –
  • 1. Paytm
  • 2. Google Pay
  • 3. BHIM App
  • 4. Phonepe
  • 5. Amazon Pay

1. Paytm

Paytm best upi payment app is an exptremely popular payment app in India that is used by millions of people. According to a recent report on digital payment in India, Paytm Payment Gateway as a payment platform is growing rapidly and its market share is more than 42 percent. It gives several offers on payments in the form of vouchers and cashbacks.

As per the company, more than 20 million merchants across India use their QR code payment system to accept payments directly into their bank account. The company also uses advertisements and paid promotional content to generate revenues.A few key facts about your Paytm account | by Paytm | Paytm Blog

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2. Google Pay

Google best upi payment app also pioneered its UPI platform. This allows users to pay directly from their bank. With this, payment of DTH bill, mobile recharge, broadband, electricity etc. can be made. It has a cash mode, so that money can be transferred to anyone without details.

The service keeps customer payment information private from the retailer by replacing the customer’s credit or debit card Funding Primary Account Number (FPAN) with a tokenized Device Primary Account Number (DPAN), and creates a “dynamic security code […] generated for each transaction”. The ‘dynamic security code’ is the cryptogram in an EMV-mode transaction, and the Dynamic Card Verification Value (dCVV) in a magnetic stripe data emulation-mode transaction. Users can also remotely halt the service on a lost phone via Google’s Find My Device service.Google Pay India's profit surges 6.5X to Rs 33 Cr in FY20

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3. BHIM app

When demonetization took place on November 8, 2016, the government launched BHIM UPI best upi payment app on 30 December 2016 to promote Cashless Economy. Its full name is Bharat Interface for Money, which is India’s first UPI app, with the help of this you can make money transactions directly from one bank to another bank. Along with this, according to the government.

The application supports all Indian banks which use UPI, which is built over the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) infrastructure and allows the user to instantly transfer money between bank accounts of any two parties. It can be used on all mobile devices.About BHIM UPI App - Know How it works | BHIM UPI

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4. PhonePe

PhonePe best upi payment app which is a product of Flipkart was launched in 2015. This is also a UPI Payment app, which you can use like other payment apps, along with it it supports Bank to Bank Transaction. You get many benefits like doing transactions directly from your bank account, for which only the mobile number is required.

PhonePe helps merchants to accept payments through all UPI-based apps, debit and credit card, as well as wallet (Including third party wallets) on the app.

In October 2017, PhonePe launched a low-cost POS device built in India. The Bluetooth enabled POS device looks like a calculator and works with AA batteries. The hardware uses Bluetooth connectivity and enables payments through all the mobile devices that can access the PhonePe app.

PhonePe customise solutions for merchants, ties up with 25000

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5. Amazon Pay

Amazon pay best upi payment app is an extremely popular app used for making UPI transactions. It not only lets you pay you bills or recharge your mobile phones, you can also pay any shop/merchent who uses the UPI facility.

Amazon Pay provides the option to purchase goods and services from websites and mobile apps using the addresses and payment methods stored in the Amazon account, such as credit cards or a direct debit bank account or the unified payments interface in India.Amazon introduces Amazon Pay UPI on Android

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