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Can we just be real for a minute, wired Earphones are the best all over entertainers when you are on a strict spending plan. They offer a flat out mind-blowing nature of sound settling on them an ideal decision for music audience members. They don’t have a dormancy issue which is normal in low-financial plan Bluetooth tiny Earphones and pieces of jewelry which goes with them a decent decision for motion pictures or in any event, gaming.


So you are wanting to get a couple of Earphones and have a financial plan of Rs. 1000 and that is the motivation behind why you are here. Indeed, I have cautiously handpicked a few Earphones and organized a rundown of the best Earphones under 1000 in India. So how about we rapidly start moving right along.

Best Earphones Under 1000 in India

  • 1. Sony MDR-EX150AP & EX155AP
  • 2. JBL C200SI, C150SI, C100SI
  • 3. KZ – EDX PRO
  • 4. Sony MDR-EX15AP
  • 5. MI Dual Driver

1. Sony MDR-EX150AP and EX155AP

Sony MDR-EX150AP & EX155AP

The main Earphones on our rundown are the Sony MDR-EX150AP which is one of the most mind-blowing selling Earphones under 1000 in India at the present time. These Earphones accompany an in-line receiver permitting you to accept on assembles and conferences with no issues. These Earphones parade a plastic form which makes them pretty lightweight.


The Sony MDR-EX150AP Earphones have a gleaming completion over them and are accessible in various varieties. The link isn’t meshed and we shouldn’t expect that at this sticker cost either however it has some finished completion over it which makes it pretty tough and has a L-molded connector at its one end. You likewise get a link chief connected to the link which truly proves to be useful.

These Sony Earphones are housed with 9mm neodymium drivers that convey an even strong result. The bass result is sufficient and the high pitch sounds great also. Generally speaking the Sony MDR-EX150AP has generally that you might anticipate from a couple of good spending plan Earphones under 1000 in India.

  • Beautiful plan and Solid form
  • Astounding sound quality, clear and normal
  • Great punchy bass
  • Great high pitch
  • Nice amplifier

2. JBL C200SI, C150SI, C100SI

JBL C200SI, C150SI, C100SI

So dropping down on our rundown, we have the JBL C200SI which are spending plan in-ear type Earphones from JBL that they market with a ‘Unadulterated Bass’ slogan. These reflexive looking Earphones have a plastic form and the form quality is really respectable at its cost. The JBL C200SI house 9mm drivers that offers an even JBL tuned bass-rich sound result which sounds very great. The mids and highs are totally astonishing and are similarly basically as great as you would anticipate from a JBL marked item. It has an inline receiver that will permit you to accept on assembles and conferences with next to no problems without any problem.

Distinction somewhere in the range of C200SI and C100SI? The distinction between these two is configuration, assemble, and Comfort. I tracked down no significant contrast in the sound quality office.

  • Gorgeous plan
  • Agreeable and lightweight
  • Clear sound quality with punchy bass
  • Respectable receiver
  • Low cost



Next on our rundown of best Earphones under 1000 Rs, we have the KZ – EDX Pro which is one of the most incredible picks for you assuming you are an audiophile very much like me. These Earphones are lovely looking with a straightforward wire that shows within copper wiring and you get various variety choices to browse. Beneficially, the link is separable and you can supplant the link in the event that it gets harmed with time. You additionally get an inline amplifier which functions admirably for calls.

These Earphones house 10mm powerful drivers which offer completely clear sound with an even sound result. The bass result is additionally great, I won’t say it has the best bass in this fragment yet it upgrades your general music listening experience.

  • Sharp plan
  • High Volume
  • Great sound quality
  • Separable link
  • Low cost

4. Sony MDR-EX15AP


Presently we have one more Sony Earphones on our rundown that are the Sony MDR-EX15AP. These Earphones have a typical plastic form which you would expect costing this much. The links are really meager however the great part is that it has a L-formed connector which is extremely helpful. They are entirely agreeable to wear and can be worn for a few hours without causing issues. The link additionally has a connected in-line mouthpiece with it. These Sony Earphones house 9mm neodymium drivers which offer a generally respectable sound result.

  • Lightweight and agreeable
  • Clear sound quality with great bass
  • Punchy bass
  • Low cost

5. MI Dual Driver

MI Dual Driver

Dropping down our rundown of the best Earphones under 1000, we have the MI Dual Driver Earphones that parade a double driver arrangement which is really fascinating to see at this sticker cost. This double driver arrangement (10mm + 8mm) is uniquely intended to convey rich bass and completely clear sound result which can be felt also. The great part is that it has a metal form with attractive buds which gives a superior look and feel to the Earphones which is something interesting to see at this cost range. These are probably the best-constructed Earphones under 1000 in India.

  • Trendy look and Solid form
  • Attractive Eartips and meshed link
  • Distinctly sound quality
  • High Bass
  • An incentive for cash
  • Great quality mic
1. Which is the best ear headphones under 1000?

These are the best earphones under 1000 Rs in India that you can buy right now
1Sony MDR-EX150AP & EX155AP.
2JBL C200SI, C150SI, C100SI.
4Sony MDR-EX15AP.
5MI Dual Driver.
6JBL Endurance Run.
7Audio-Technica CLR100IS.
8Realme Buds 2.

2. Which earphone has best bass?

Best earphones with heavy bass in India
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition is a Bluetooth neckband earphone. …
Oppo Enco M31 Bluetooth Neckband Earphones. …
boAt Rockerz 330 Wireless Neckband. …
Sony MDR-XB55 Extra-Bass in-Ear Headphones. …
boAt Bassheads 152. …

3. Which is better boat or Boult?

Boult is more affordable than Boat and has better sound quality, durability, and battery life. But Boat has a sleeker shape that might be preferable to some consumers. Boat Bluetooth speakers are catching up to Boult. So, for now, Boult is the best option among Bluetooth speakers.

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