5 Top OTT Platforms In India

Top 5 OTT platforms in India

Over–the–top media services (OTT) Platforms have become quite popular in India since last few years. An over-the-top (OTT) media service is a streaming media service offered directly to viewers via the internet. OTT bypasses cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms, the companies that traditionally act as a controller or distributor of such content. Due to COVID-19 outbreak in the country,

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5 Top Smartphones Under Rs. 20,000 in India – May 2021

Top 5 Smartphones Under Rs. 20,000 in India – May 2021

Over the last few months, several smartphones have launched in India under ₹20,000, and they’re just getting better. Xiaomi just brought a high refresh rate AMOLED to this budget while Relme is adamant on bringing support 5G connectivity, whereas Poco just released “could be” Gaming Phone Under ₹20,000. 1. Redmi Note 10 Pro Max “For ₹18,999, Redmi Note 10 Pro

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Top 10 MNC In Mumbai


The IT industry is majorly made from two parts- business process outsourcing and IT services. The sector is contributing to the GDP growth of India. The revenue of the IT sector is increasing day by day. Top IT companies are playing a major role in the growth of the economy. Following are the Top 10 IT companies in India that

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